• Paternoster Fisheries: Paternoster Heroes
  • Paternoster Fisheries: Paternoster Heroes
  • Paternoster Fisheries: Paternoster Heroes


Paternoster Fishery is a lobster harvesting, processing and marketing company that is deeply rooted in the local Paternoster fishing community.

Paternoster can be quite isolated for the local community, so we have partnered with some of the top sports people in South Africa in order to bring the popular heroes to our Paternoster. In this way, the people of Paternoster get the best of the best teaching them the sports that they love.

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Award winning author and extreme adventurer, Neal Petersen, completed two amazing journeys in his life: a single-handed yacht race around the world, 27,000 miles, nine months at sea, alone, in the smallest yacht he designed and built himself; and an even more arduous and eventful trip - of overcoming racial prejudice during the Apartheid era in South Africa, a childhood physical disability and poverty, just to make it to the starting line!

Neal Peterson recently visited Paternoster and gave a inspirational talk to the community of Paternoster.