• Paternoster Fishery Lobster Sustainability Programme
  • Paternoster Fishery Lobster Sustainability Programme
  • Paternoster Fishery Lobster Sustainability Programme

Lobster Sustainability Programme

Paternoster Fishery is a lobster harvesting, processing and marketing company that is deeply rooted in the local Paternoster fishing community.

Over the past decade, the illegal harvesting of lobsters from South African and particularly the waters off Paternoster, has caused substantial and serious damage to the biological health of our beloved West Coast rock lobster fishery. The South African West Coast fishing villages such as Paternoster, Lamberts Bay, Elands Bay and Doring Bay are known for their lobsters and fishers. Unfortunately, these seaside villages are also known for their supply of illegally harvested lobsters.

Understanding the need to conserve our famed lobsters for future generations and to encourage our tourists and consumers of lobsters to only buy sustainably harvested Paternoster West Coast Rock Lobsters, Paternoster Fishery has invested in its Lobster Sustainability Programme.

The Lobster Sustainability Programme guarantees our tourists and clients that all West Coast Rock Lobsters carrying our Lobster Sustainability Programme Tags has been sustainably and ethically harvested and processed by our authorized and trained local fishers and processing staff.

The Lobster Sustainability Programme furthermore allows our tourists and consumers to learn about who harvested and processed the lobster you are about to enjoy. Scan the QR CODE on your Lobster Sustainability Programme Tag attached to your lobster and learn more about the local Paternoster fisher who went out to sea and harvested your mouth-watering Paternoster West Coast Rock Lobster.

Paternoster Fisheries Tag

Enjoy. Ethically & Sustainably Caught Seafood from the Village of Paternoster.

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